Give a fuck what my schedule says, fuck Notch, fuck Musk, and I'll piss on Zedd



Pronounce are ok | ♓ but if you believe in zodiacs ur a loser!

Here are some music that I like. I can't in good conscience recommend Dance Gavin Dance because Tilian Pearson is fucking garbage at both vocals and human being. Fuck DGD for letting him stay.

Flash Warning and I miss SOPHIE.

Blog Posts

These are like miscellanious blog posts that I wrote about things I like but are not super autism into. Also not super well-written because this is more like a infodumping journal rather than me trying to say something Grand About the Universe

[19/2/2023] Magical Diary Horse and Wolf Hall

[10/3/2023] Playchoices Games

[15/3/2023] Evillious Chronicles